Production, Presenting and Digital Packaging

A 6 week online course with 3 weekends of workshops. This course covers production, pre-production, presenting and exporting.

Introduction to Presenting & Digital Packaging

This is a 2 week course and an introduction to the 6 weeks course. It is a mix of 2 week online training and 1 weekend workshop in studio.

Media Training for Sports Personalities

This is largely a workshop based course, and is more about the experience rather than the background work of production.

Social Media Marketing 101 - The Myths & the Magic

Dont keep your expertise a secret. Broadcast directly to your audience, engage with your customers, connect with your community, and grow your business. Studios are a place to learn, share and create.

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At Studios we work with you and other creative and technical specialists to create original media and to provide you with experience in a collaborative environment. We provide an online training course, complete with in-studio workshops, and give you an opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience with production equipment, resources and the delivery of professional media.

Our training and workshops allow you to improve your skills and to apply your own creativity to media production by concentrating on pre-production, camera skills, lighting, post-production and scripting as well as more detailed technical aspects such as exporting and compression. Throughout all of our training courses we bring in industry leaders from different areas of the production process. With you will get expert advice on every element of your production, helping you to equip yourself with the best possible skill set.

Sign up here to get started. is a multi-purpose media hub which provides a range of media services, including media courses, from our studios in Cork. Having the ability to present to camera is becoming a must-have for all types of professionals, not just those working in media. YouTube and its competitors are everywhere, and video presentation skills are vital in this increasingly central medium. Studies show that even on Google’s free searches, a company that uses video presentation on their site is better placed; your site is 70% more likely to get to that elusive first page of search results. has specifically-designed training programmes that will benefit anyone who wants to increase their on-screen portfolio or skills.

 Benefits of doing an Training Course:

Courses are limited to a maximum of ten students so that each student will benefit from the training environment and get the maximum on-camera experience along with essential feedback. Courses are delivered through online and practical learning environments; workshops take place on weekends and, thanks to the small size of our classes, you are guaranteed time on camera. Training can be provided for individuals who require one-to-one training and all of’s courses can be tailored to suit a client’s or company’s specifications, so their staff receive the most up-to-date training for their particular needs.